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Onion-Router Now with Ansible!

Create a personal onion-router to use the Tor Anonyminity network using Ansible. »

Troubleshooting Raspberrypi / Raspbian

Trouble shooting Raspberry Pi and Raspbian. Power problems and random reboots are indicative of a bad power supply. Apt-get failures are common. »

Installing Ghost on FreeBSD 11.1

This is a guide to install Ghost blog software version 1.x on FreeBSD 11.1 inside of a jail »

Browser Security Settings

Last Updated: March 31, 2019 A quick note, these are just the settings I use, you will want to do your own searching to make sure all of your bases »

Adding Encrypted Disks to FreeBSD

Since FreeBSD 10.0 the system installer has included an option to automatically encrypt the disks upon installation, which is great, before that it was quite a pain. This is »