Onion Router

Using a Raspberry Pi and a USB ethernet adapter you can create a personal router that isolates all network traffic from one adapter to be sent over the Tor anonymity »

Reloading Prometheus on Debian with Ansible

Reloading Prometheus' config on Debian without a pid using Ansible. »

T.I.C.K. Notes

Telegraf Logging By default, Telegraf doesn't log. It can be enabled in the config file located at /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf on Debian Linux. Authentication errors will not show up »

Telegraf + InfluxDB + Chronograf + Kapactior + Grafana on Debian 9.8

Installing the TICK stack, Telegraf, InfluxDB, Capacitor, Kapacitor and Grafana on Debian 9.8 Linux »

Public DNS Resolvers

List of public DNS resolvers »